Gender and Refugee Status (1999/2000)

This book is my PhD, a combined legal and sociological project on women and refugee status. It consists of (a) a statistical analysis (b) a content analysis of 252 asylum files of single women who applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1994 (c) an analysis of all case law I could find in Dutch, English, French and German (d) an analysis of the debate among academics, NGO’s and policy makers.

The book was published by Ashgate in 2000. The version released here is the PhD version, printed in 1999. The PhD version is identical, but (a) contains more typos than the Ashgate version and (b) at some points the page numbering differs. I suggest that you refer to this version as Spijkerboer 1999/2000.

Thomas Spijkerboer: Gender and Refugee Status (1999/2000)