The Crisis of Refugee Law
Anselm Kiefer: Abendland
Anselm Kiefer: Abendland

While Europeans take it for granted that they can travel across the globe, migration towards Europe is regulated in such a manner that periodic crises result. This is a consequence of the combination of structural shortcomings of policies with externalisation, through which Europe seeks to coerce third countries to do serve Europe’s interests (Coercion, Prohibition, and Great Expectations, with Maarten den Heijer and Jorrit Rijpma, 2016). At the margins of Europe, this results in a bifurcated legal system subjecting non-Europeans to second class legality (Migration Emergencies in the European Postcolony, 2021; Bifurcation of people, bifurcation of law, 2018; The global mobility infrastructure, 2018; Legitimizing Evictions in Contemporary Europe and Apartheid South Africa, 2017; Wasted Lives, 2017) while Europe tries to be free from European legal norms when it acts outside Europe (Migration management clientelism, 2021; European External Migration Funds and Public Procurement Law, with Elies Steyger, 2019).

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