Marlene Dumas: Drowned (2003)

The externalisation of European migration policies since 1990 has made it increasingly difficult for many people to reach European territory. As a result, people rely on irregular means of reaching European territory. Together with this externalisation, European policies combating such irregularised migration result in large scale loss of life. Because large scale border deaths are a foreseeable consequence of European policies, this raises human rights issues (The Human Costs of Border Control, 2007; Moving Migrants, States and Rights, 2013; Wasted Lives, 2017; Carrier Sanctions and the Conflicting Legal Obligations of Carriers, with Theodore Baird, 2019). My research was part of a wider project on border deaths (Border Deaths, ed Paolo Cuttitta and Tamara Last, 2021; Deaths at the borders database, 2017), which includes the dissertations of Tamara Last (2018) and Lisa-Marie Komp (2020).

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VU researchers working on related topics: Theodore Baird, Paolo Cuttitta, and Tamara Last.