Illegalized Refugees

Marlene Dumas, The politician

Marlene Dumas, The politician (2012)

In the past few years, illegalized refugees have begun organizing in order to seek visibility. They have done so through Occupy-style tent camps and squatting. I have been involved in the initial stage of the Amsterdam group, We are here. Part of my involvement consisted of giving lectures to the refugees; another part was writing articles in the Dutch media and law journals. The emphasis has been on (un)equal treatment, as well as on the de facto citizenship of the activists.

NB1: I use the term illegalized refugee, see on this Harald Bauder: ‘Why We Should Use the Term ‘Illegalized’ Refugee or Immigrant: A Commentary’, International Journal of Refugee Law 2014, p. 327-332.

NB2: I use the term refugee for people who have not been recognized as such, see my article ‘Wij zijn hier’ (2013) below.

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